The Lovely Olguins | Family Session | Sandia Peak, Cedar Crest, NM

I'm so excited to share this sneak peek of the beautiful Olguin family! I met Ashleigh last year when she officiated my wedding (and oh so flawlessly, I must add). We've been friends ever since with our same love for Gilmore Girls and fall leaves. This is her beautiful family! Her husband, Flo and their son, Anson have the sweetest connection. He really does put his all into being a great dad. And Anson is seriously the sweetest little boy ever. He is my Liam's kind of friend. He's so gentle and kind.

Ashleigh and Flo were my first family this year who were willing to drive up to the mountains for fall colors! Oh, and it was so worth it! I knew of a beautiful spot close to the top of the mountain that my husband and I found about a week ago. It was yellow fall trees backed by evergreens next to a pretty meadow, so of course I told them we should go right up there! They were happy to do so! 

The rest should have been history...

But of course, after passing many spots with pretty colors (I really was determined to put them in that absolutely gorgeous meadow), we got allllll the way up there and the yellow was gone and brown. It was too high!

So, having passed several good spots on the way up, we went back down where the leaves were still pretty and found a road lined with gorgeous yellow aspens! Oh, it was pretty!

All was well.

Look how they turned out! I'm super excited to share some of these beautiful photos of one of my favorite families. 

Thank you, Ashleigh and Flo for having me and following me up a mountain. I had a blast! 

<3, K