I'm Not Ready for the Holidays...to be Over!

I'm not ready to let go of Holiday cheer yet!! 😂

In these 11 day leading up to the beginning of the new year, I'm offering just two indoor family sessions that are Holiday related. Baking, crafts, presents, traditions! You name it! Your family's REAL should be documented. It's not just for you. It is for them. The memories they'll cherish with YOU in them deserve to be committed to photograph.

And I'm just way too in love with families, kids, and Christmas not to offer a couple sweet last minute sessions! I just have to!

If you would LOVE to have a session like this and sticky fingers, sugar cookies, and dreamy holiday lights make your heart skip a beat, CONTACT ME! I would love to come over and share an afternoon with you. 

If it's "too last minute" for you, I completely get it! The holidays can be hectic! I hope your family has a beautiful holiday anyway!