My New Year's Resolutions - Big, Hairy, and Audacious!

New Years... It's that time when the pressure is on to make goals in a hurry so you can try to fulfill something in your life that you desperately want, but need the commitment to stick to.

I hate it. I really, really do! It's probably because making new life goals at the same time as everybody and trying to outlast them is super intimidating and feels like a race or a test and I fall apart at the seams for either of those. So, I hate New Year's resolution time. But I also love it! I mean, goals are what help us define our roadmap to success, right? Sharing them with others gives them life and helps you achieve them, they say. So, here I go! Time to share my own set of New Year's resolutions. I'm going to pretend I'm the only one doing them, though, ok?

I have just three resolutions for 2018, but I feel they are big ones. For months I have been visualizing and planning for 2018. I keep telling myself it’s going to be a BIG year. I have big goals. SCARY goals! But, if they’re not big and scary, are they even worth it? 

First, my original goal was to go from shooting all kinds of weddings to only taking weddings that would be fulfilling for both myself and my clients. I wanted to concentrate on my clients instead of feeling like I was reaching in every direction. I wanted to do only 12-15 weddings and be able to support my family with that. However, after taking a course that transformed my way of thinking, I went from a goal of just 10 ideal client weddings to flipping that upside down, transforming my business in the direction of my heart, and making a new goal for 2018. This goal is nearly the same as before except that 2018 is going to be THE year that I finally commit to the documentary family photography niche. It's where my heart is and it is what truly makes me happy. I have several wedding clients for 2018 still, of course - all of which are ideal clients and that makes my heart happy!! But my goal now is 10 day-in-the-life sessions in 2018 in New Mexico and outside of it with ideal clients who will appreciate where I come from with my work, who know exactly what I bring to the table and love it, and who know I would do just about anything to share in life's special moments with their sweet and loving families. This goal and this reality is at the forefront of my mind daily and is my first big goal for 2018! 

My second goal is health. Whose isn’t, right? Take a number, lady! Jeeze! Yes, I’m one of the zillions who want to “get healthier” in the New Year!! It’s intimidating to be among the masses, but I really feel like I’ve got this for once! Honestly, I started almost a week ago because Jan 1st was just way too intimidating! I got my first gym membership EVER!! And you know what? I actually love it! ONEderland, here I come!! Plus, I saved money cause I signed up before the New Year! Woo hoo!

Documentary Family Photographer

Last, but certainly not least, the third big goal I have for 2018 is one you probably wouldn’t hear often or expect. It has to do with emotions. Most people know I love my family. People see me as a loving mama and a person who would leap willingly out of an airplane for her family (and that's saying something). However, all that aside, I want to be the mom of my dreams! And I know I can be, so it makes me that much more determined. I don’t want to feel like I’m on the brink of an anxiety attack every time my Liam so much as whimpers in his sleep! I want to be the person I know I am deep inside...the lady who lives under the shell. The one who isn’t afraid or anxious or quick to snap because of the burden that is an anxious mind. To do that, my goal is daily meditation. I recently started doing this along with the aforementioned exercise and, on days when I make time for meditation, it changes the way I think, the way I react to situations, and my overall mental state. It’s actually pretty life altering, so I’m looking forward to seeing what regular practice can do for me!

So, there we have it. My long-winded 2018 New Year's resolutions!! As big, hairy, and audacious as they come. At least for me.

If you actually read to this point, you’re pretty nice. Let’s have coffee! He he! And please do share your goals with me. I’m happy to listen. 

Until next time..