Bridge Family Christmas Tree Cutting | Documentary Family Photography | Albuquerque, NM

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I am so excited to share one of our Christmas tree cutting sessions! As a child, this was such a special time for me. My parents would load me up and go searching for our perfect tree! During the course of my childhood, we perused tree lots, tree farms, and oftentimes even everyday stores for the perfect tree! It didn't matter to me... We were getting our tree! Little did I know, those would be memories that stuck with me my whole life.

Those are what inspired these Christmas tree sessions!

I have a two mass folders on my hard drives; one is called "Personal" and houses all of my personal photos and one is called "Photography," which houses all of my professional work. This session felt so natural and special to me that I accidentally categorized them in my "Personal" folder and couldn't find them for two days (story of my life, let me tell you). To me, it's obvious that I'm doing what I love to do when it feels so close to my heart when I do it.

Without a whole lot more chit-chat, here's a beautiful documentary tree cutting session.

To Megan, Tim, and your three perfect boys, thank you for bringing me along to be a small part of your journey and for being a big part of mine. <3