On This Day


For me, photography is like reading. It is a gateway to another world. It is like walking down somebody else’s memory lane and reading their story while it’s still being written. There is absolutely nothing like it for me. That’s why I do it. Even if you’re just after some great family photos, with the right photographer, you not only get great photos, but you get to make memories together and have them documented. To me, it is whole-making to know that I am gifting my clients a little piece of their life; a little peace of them that they can hold onto for all time. 

In 20 years, all of our lives will be different. We only have this moment to appreciate and preserve memories as they are right now. We can’t rewind next year and capture our memories of today.

Nobody is promised tomorrow, so we should appreciate what we have right now. Grab those moments and harness them. Better yet, enjoy them yourself and have somebody else preserve them for you. 

I would love to chat with you over coffee about your beautiful family.