YOU are PERFECT | Why Your Imperfect Makeup and Your Messy Kids are OK!

There is very little that I love to do quite as much as capturing people’s here and now. But if I’m being honest, most people come to a photo session with the traditional mentality of “Behave, children!” and “Let me fix my makeup!” 

I’m here to tell you just how much you don’t have to stress about that. Not only will those details likely not show up post-session unless we get super close (in which case you should know that the real you is perfection), but it’s truly just not what others will see and not what is remembered. As for your typically silly kiddos? Why capture them in a way that is not truly them? After a couple still and nice photos, let them be silly! Those are usually the best captures anyway. When you’re calm and collected, you’ll be able to look back on these photos and see you - not the stress that was your family photos and certainly not whether your lipstick was the wrong shade of red. 

Maybe by now you’ve caught on to the fact that I am not what would usually be considered a typical portrait photographer. The words “lifestyle” and “documentary” are better words to describe an experience with me, but without putting labels on it, it’s best described as just YOU, gently and artfully captured.

I’d love to have a session where you and I can just BE. How about it?

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