From a MOMpreneur

Albuquerque wedding and family photographer

I am a family photojournalist, a mama to a miracle kid, a preserver of stories, and a wife that loves to offer business input to her amazing entrepreneur husband. He totally loves it (and I'm lying).

Needless to say, my "office" (that special space I call my own near the staircase) is always full. It's full of cameras, batteries, various forms of photo storage, children's books, business cards (mine and his), coffee rings, little fingerprints, to-do lists, etc! 

I am a mom first and a boss lady second. I work hard! And it's not always pretty. In fact, it usually isn't. My son pushes my buttons, my bills run late sometimes, my dogs shed (a lot), and my second bedroom closet has a weird smell. And you know what? It's totally ok! And it's ok for you, too! I love to work with real people; the ones who just are. The ones who can appreciate their flaws and run with them. The ones who fly their flag high. But I especially love working with those who know there is beauty inside of them somewhere, but they have a hard time seeing it!

I am not perfect and you'll never catch me claiming to be, but that's ok! And it's ok that you aren't flawless either. Fly your flag high. Love who you are. Sometimes all it takes is a glance in the mirror in the morning and the willingness to say, "Hello Beautiful. Today is going to be a great day!" Make the world work in your favor by kicking it in the butt and having confidence in you.

What is your favorite way to boost your confidence?