The Engagement Story of Annie and Mitchell | Albuquerque, NM Engagement Photographer

Annie and Mitchell's engagement story is one for the books!

It didn't take them long to realize that spending forever together was exactly what they wanted.

Annie was living in Albuquerque at the time and Mitchell was in Prescott, AZ. Long distance was difficult and seemed impossible at times, but they kept pushing through. They knew that it was worth the wait.  

Albuquerque Engagement Photographer

Annie says Mitchell's proposal was perfect. They had planned a weekend away to Pagosa Springs; partly for a a mini vacation and partly to spend time with his parents. 

He woke Annie up early on Saturday morning with her favorite cup of coffee, purple tulips, and the cutest kissy emoji pillow. Accompanying the other gifts was a note, which held the sweetest words she had ever read. From there they packed up their hiking gear, snow shoes, and water, loaded up the truck and headed for Lobo Hill.

As they began their snow shoe trek up the hill, Mitchell continued handing Annie sweet words of love. Each one proclaiming deeper and ever lasting love for her and the life they were planning. 

As they started up the highest part of their hike, they gained a lot of speed, but Annie was distracted by the scenery and fell behind. By the time she had turned back around from a photograph she was taking, Mitchell was out of sight. She continued up the hill following his snow shoe tracks. Once she reached the top, she looked around for him.  It took her about 5 minutes before she was finally able to find him along the ridge.  As she walked over, she noticed he'd set up this amazing arch covered in flowers. He had also changed his clothes. He was no longer wearing his hiking garments, but rather had on a suit.

She was stunned in complete disbelief. He dropped to one knee and again started speaking words of love and admiration. Before she knew it, she was saying, "Yes of course!!" and kissing her soon-to-be husband.

Annie and Mitchell are still so overjoyed and ecstatic to be where they are today They've come so far together.  Not only was his proposal extraordinary, but Annie says the entire day and the feelings she gets when she remembers that day will forever be in her heart. 


Here's a gallery from their engagement session in Santa Fe! Iā€™m so grateful that I got to be a part of their beautiful wedding day earlier this year!