There Are Some Exciting Things Happening Around Here! | Documentary Family Model Call

There are some super exciting things happening around here in this fine new year, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

I promise that if you read to the end, I have an opportunity you don't want to pass up!

It was fall of 2017 when I realized that my heart and soul were being tugged in the photographical direction that I have been passionate about for years. That is documentary photography (aka: day-in-the-life, family photojournalism, etc).

Documentary Photographer

Let's be honest, here. I spent years telling myself what I wanted, but I also told myself it was "too hard" or "too rare" or, let's face it, friends... "too weird." Why on earth do you want to take pictures of me in my house?

Weddings control a big ol' part of my heart (and I still do them all the time - I'm booking mostly elopements these days), but there was another niche in photography that spoke so deep down into my soul that truly called for my attention.

Family Photojournalism cake Smash

Upon deciding to stop ignoring that pull, so much became possible and, even more, it became exciting again. Road blocks I had for myself and my business seemed to lift and suddenly, what I was aiming for made sense.

2018 is the year that documentary photography has become my main focus. It is the year where I begin to really serve my clients a platter of delicacies that they will love because I am passionate about what I am offering.

Documenting my own son's journey has proven to me how valuable a photo of a real, raw moment can be. And I want to give that gift to you.

Now on to the good stuff (I told you there was something in this for you, didn't I?) Below I have listed a set of model calls I need to fill. They are very limited and, if you are chosen, the session is completely free to you (and you get your choice of 10 free digital files)! How's that for awesome?

Please feel free to peruse the options below. I can't wait to meet you! And even more, I can't wait to share in life's precious, real memories with you and yours!




Your kids. Right now. It is common for people who prefer documentary photography over traditional portraits to have "stages" done 1-2 times per year. This session will be based loosely around your child's current milestones. This is a day in the life session of your child(ren). There will be 2 families chosen for this model call.


Newborn Family

This can apply either to an in-home documentary newborn session OR a Fresh 48 session. An in-home newborn session is you, your family, and your newest addition in your home doing what you do every day with your brand new baby. This is your baby in its natural environment being tended to. A creation of real memories of your baby being new. There will be 1 family chosen for this model call.


In Home Family Photojournalism

Similar to newborn, but this session surrounds your whole family and captures 2 hours in the life of your family. The joy, the mess, the chaos, the meals, the moments, everything. It's a wonderful and exciting thing to get a full gallery of your family just being THEM. It's liberating and is the most well-accepted "photo session" ever. Your kids and husbands will thank you! There will be 3 families chosen for this model call.


Family Day Out

This session encompasses your family on a favorite outing. Maybe you love to bowl or go ice skating? Or maybe you love to go hiking? All of these are great options and, similar to the In Home session, will encompass your family doing what you love to do and sharing in life's precious moments while I discreetly capture everything. There will be 1 families chosen for this model call.


Birth Photography

Raw, emotional, memorable. This is a very special and incredibly beautiful time in your life. The birth of a child is the beginning of a brand new era. The biggest of milestones, I'll have you! This is a time that is as life-altering as it is vulnerable. It's always important to me that my families feel welcome, trusting, and whole with me, but it far more important to me when it comes to birth photography. I will be doing 1 birth per season in 2018. I would love to see if we'd be a good fit. 


Mommy and Me

Just like it sounds, this session is for mamas and their babies (of all ages). This session will surround a mom and her baby. It can be an outing that mom plans to spend with her kiddo and I will tag along to help preserve those memories (For example: Ice cream, shopping, etc) or it can be in-home where mom and babe spend time together doing things they enjoy. This model call will only be offered to 1 individual.


Life Events (birthdays, military homecomings, baptism, etc.)

Documentary family photography is a new idea for most people. But most of us can say that there are big moments in our lives that we feel warrant documentary. Whether it be a first birthday or an 80th. Maybe a marriage proposal you want to share with your future children? How about a military homecoming? These are all big life events. These are moments we tend to pull out our cameras for (or cell phones for the matter). I will be offering 2 of these life event model call sessions.


New Mexico Based Vacation Documentary

Have you ever been on a beautiful vacation with your family, taking in a beautiful scene together, only to have it interrupted by you digging in your bag for your camera/phone. I have! And it's no fun. It ruins moments otherwise enjoyed together. I am the biggest advocate for getting photos of your life experiences, but you should be IN them! I am offering 1 vacation documentary session. It says "New Mexico Based," but I am happy to travel with your family if travel expenses are paid.


"New Normal" 

"New Normal" is a series I developed that is based around the sudden diagnosis of illness of a child. With my own son, we endured the most terrifying experience of near death to then come home to what so many doctors and nurses referred to as our "new normal." This series is dedicated to those families, their super strong kids, and a life we had to learn to live all over again. New Normal is unlimited. I never charge for these sessions, but I do take donations to benefit the Kawasaki Disease Foundation. 


So? What are you waiting for?

Please pop on below and fill out the model call form and tell me what you're dying to be a part of! I can't wait to meet you, and I hope we get to share in a beautiful session together!

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