Activity Inspiration for Your Documentary Family Photo Session

These suggestions are here so that you can create a session to remember for your family. They are not necessarily a guide to choose from, but inspiration to help spark your own ideas, too! If one of these ideas resonates perfectly and you love it, do it! That's exactly what they are here for. But, please brainstorm on your own, too! 

And remember, you don't have to plan your entire day. In fact, it's discouraged! Sometimes it can be hard to know what to expect with a documentary session, but never think you have to be "on" all day. It's not conducive to a great documentary session outcome at all. 

Now, here are some inspirational fun ideas for your family! Enjoy!


Family Day Out Photography

Getting Ice Cream

It sounds so cliche, but it really does make for some of the sweetest (pun intended) photos of you and your family. This works really well for mommy and me sessions. It also works really, really well for full family "everybody gets ice cream" sessions. You can't go wrong!


Do your kiddos get to go on playdates all the time with friends? If so, this could be a great opportunity for a documentary session. Keep in mind that we will need permission from other parents to do playdate sessions. It's usually not a big thing, but I always mention it.


Yes, I would love to follow you to Target. Thank you for offering! No, but seriously, kiddos helping get produce and shopping with mom always turns out well in images. Shopping just has a way of making everything wonderful, doesn't it?

A Morning or Evening at Your Favorite Park

Something as simple as a morning or afternoon out at your favorite park or trail (or maybe fishing?) is a great activity to do if it's something your family enjoys doing together.


You cannot go wrong with a campfire! I'm just being honest here. I have captured so many beautiful memories around a campfire! It's  little more planning logistically, but so worth the result!

Zoo or Farm

Kids lose it for animals. Pack a lunch and make a day of it! And bring me along to preserve those memories for you.


In-Home Family Photography

Morning Routine

Something as simple as a morning routine is always enough. You'd be surprised by the little moments you'll wish you can photos of years from now. It really and truly is the simplicity of eating breakfast and remembering the way your 3 year old dances every time he takes a bite. 

Cooking or Baking Together

You can never go wrong with wooden spoons, bowls, and flour. I'm just sayin! If you and your kids love to cook together, this is a wonderful activity to do together during our time together.

Playing Board Games

It doesn't sound like it would be that interesting, does it? But the laughter that comes along with games of any kind makes for perfect activity to enjoy together.


What?? Now, why would I want a picture of my 4 year old sweeping?? Because it's cute! And because you will want it later. I promise! Does your 4 year old love to help you do everything? Is he always pulling at you and begging you to help and be involved? That is what you are going to remember (or wish you had pictures of). Things like helping you clean are perfect moments captured! Now, maybe you won't clean for your entire session, but it's a great thing to add!


Getting snuggly before bed or nap time to read together. Enough said. 

Craft glue, construction paper, glitter, sticky fingers. Enough said. 

Playing in the Yard

If you're like us, your kids probably love to play outside. Most kids do! You might be thinking, "You're crazy. That's way too simple! A picture of my kid eating dirt in the backyard isn't beautiful." I would argue that you are wrong, but in the nicest way possible. You will see the beauty in that photo when you get it back, and especially in a few years. I promise you, mom!


Remember, this is about the moments that make YOU. This is about your kids being exactly who they are right now and having photographs of that so the memories never fade. Let's create a session together that defines you. 


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