The Bounds Family Morning Hike | Documentary Family Photography | Albuquerque, NM

One of my favorite things to do is hike! I love it! I never ever get to go hiking, however. You'd think that living in a place like Albuquerque (which is literally filled to the brim with outdoorsy activities) that I would get to hike all the time. Well, I don't! When clients ask to go hiking for a family documentary session, I do a little happy dance inside because I love nature, and I should really get more of it!

They decided to hike a favorite spot on the very west side of I-40 right as you leave Albuquerque. It's called the Albuquerque Volcanic Field (or The Volcanoes). I'm ashamed to say I've never been or heard of them. We've enjoyed the Petroglyphs on the opposite side of that same area. The views are incredible! Sweeping fields and pretty "volcanoes" to back it up. As you hike closer to the top, you see the Sandia's. It was beautiful!

Then you couple such a pretty hike with the sweetest family! Lindsay, Aaron, and their four sweet kiddos hike this trail regularly. It's great for smaller kids because it's relatively flat, but man was it windy and chilly that morning! We didn't catch the early morning calm for sure. I was surprised at how well the kids did. These kids are troopers! They are way tougher than me! Aside from the occasional trail-side potty break and waiting for us to catch up on benches here and there, they literally did not stop the whole way. There aren't many young kids who handle hiking like these ones do. At least in my experience. It was awesome!

Without further adieu, a little glimpse into a morning hike with the Bounds Family...