Meghan and Ryan | Engagement Photography | Santa Fe, New Mexico

They had me at Pizza. 🍕

No, seriously... How could I not fall head over heels for a couple who is willing to talk pizza during their engagement session!?

A couple after my own heart, these two!

I met them at Ryan's cousin, Rachel's wedding that I photographed a couple years ago (Meghan caught the bouquet!!) and I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be photographing her and Ryan's wedding this Sept.

Being the person this this big, beautiful family goes to for their photo needs has added so much joy to my life!

When I spoke to them both over video chat, I explained what an engagement is like with me and encouraged them to think of something that truly defined them as a couple.

Santa Fe and pizza is what they chose.

And then I waited for what felt like a million years for this session date!

It wasn't until actually sitting down and enjoying pizza together that we learned of our shared affinity for Disney (a requirement for the happiest and the saddest times), our nerdy tendencies, and Ryan and my husband's love for Spidey video games as boys.

I simply cannot wait for their day this September!! There will be llamas! But that's a story for another day.