My Number One Tip for Beautiful Engagement Photos

Did you just get engaged??

If so, congratulations

Can I take a quick moment to share some of my best advice for your engagement session? You are going to use these photos to share your new engagement with family, to create a guest book, share on social media, and to look back on for many years alongside your wedding photos. And you know what? It's just as important to make this session unique as it is your wedding itself.

The first two questions I always ask my couples when it comes to their engagement session is "What defines you as a couple? What do you love to do together?" Seems like a weird question to ask about a couple's engagement session, right?

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Let me just say that the very best engagement sessions I have ever done have been those that incorporated a special something or a unique activity that the two of them love to do together. Whether it be a pizza date because it's your favorite hangout (like the image here, taken atop a delicious pie at Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Fe) to a cooking session at an Airbnb simply because you love to cook together.

Of course, the traditional parent approved photos are a given, too! But these are things that define you as a couple and that you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

What do you love to do? What has been your go-to thing since day one?

I want to know! Comment below and share it with me! I love this stuff!